Monday, March 8, 2010

....i've been slacking

HI!! I wish we had an excuse as to why we haven't been posting.... like we were busy, on cool trips, had real lives, but really. We've just been lazy. So let me catch you up to speed.

School's been boring without Emily K. Really. I feel compelled to do school work since Mike (new roommate) doesn't like to sit around and watch trashy tv with me as much. But she does come a lot which definitely helps. Our third roommate, Jane, had a going away party a few weeks ago for her move to San Diego (long story.) So Emily came up for that. The initial plan was to stay a weekend buuut it was extended to a 6 day stay due to snow. WOO!

Naturally, the boys were ecstatic to see each other. But things are a little different now that Tuck is about 3x bigger than Sully. Don't worry - Sul still tells him who's boss.  The week was a lot of fun.  Full of class skipping, good restaurant eating, and visiting Starbucks too many times.  The party was good too.  A lot of Jane's friends came that we hadn't seen in a while.  It was bittersweet because we knew it was the last time we'd all be together for a while.... well, until Emily and I go bug Jane out in California :)

The next week or so were full of tests and mundane activities for me. I really can't think of much that happened.  I DID get my grandlittle in my sorority (when did i get so OLD?!) and she's GREAT! So much fun... fits in perfectly with my little and I who are already very, very close. 

Before I knew it, Emily was back. Tucker's so big now to where he about knocked them over as they came in the door.  We've gotta find a better way to show his excitement.  That weekend seemed to fly by due to too late of nights and stupid boys.  But we did have fun and took a lot of 8th grade mirror pictures. I know you're all jealous.

The weekend got cut a little short due to my crush party for my sorority.  That was bust.  My dates couldn't make it because of an unannounced soccer try out and snow in West Virginia. Lame. Anyway, I ended up just stealing one of my friend's dates (who I was also friends with) and we had a good time.

Like I said, the weekend flew by. Right now, I'm home on spring break.  I wish I could say that I was going somewhere exotic... literally, anywhere but home.  But I guess I need to start getting used to this whole "i'm a broke college student" ordeal. Maybe next year.... the good news is that I'll hopefully get to see Emily K. (and Sully!!) later this week on a short trip to D.C. Should be interesting so I'll keep you posted on that.

School has been kicking my butt lately.  I really should've talked myself out of taking 18 hours but it'll all pay off when I'm taking electives next year, right? RIGHT?! Good lord I hope so.  These late hours at the library have got to pay off sooner or later.  But I guess the good news is that it's finally getting nice outside! It was almost in the 70's here today! woo hoo!!! That means lots of trips to the dog park and the river for Tuck and I.  I cannot believe my boy will be 6 months on Saturday! He's loving being home and getting spoiled by my mom.  It's going to be hell trying to drag him back to school next weekend.  I'm ready to go back now but he's loving this doggie spa.

See you later, blog world!