Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard '09

Well, it's Christmas break for Emily K. and I so the boys are currently separated. I'm a jerk and keep teasing Tucker with "where's sussie?!!". He gets all excited, looks around, then stares at me as if he wants to say "i hate you". He probably does but I think it's funny.

We were able to suprise my family and come home a day early. My mom was in tears - the good kind (I hope.) Tucker was as excited as ever to see Kellie. Kellie's our family golden who is 8 and thought she didn't like dogs until Tucker came along. As soon as he shows up she's a puppy again. We've had a few WWE wrestling matches in the living room since we've been home. Kel always seems to get the best of him. He loves her too - almost as much as Sully. He follows her around the house ALLLLL day. Rarely lets her get out of sight. It really is sweet, but she probably hates it.

We had a mini roadtrip to Richmond on friday to suprise my grandmother. More water works. Kinda makes you feel wanted. Tuck's decided he's a big dog now and likes to hang out the window. We had a few close calls with him almost falling out (you were right Emily K!) but were able to grab him. I'm blaming it more on Kristen putting the window down too far than him trying to escape. Not quite as bad as the Marley and Me scene but you get the idea. He got pretty frustrated when we were on the highway that the window wasn't down. He hit his head a good four or five times on the ceiling from trying to shove his head out of the closed window.

After he figured that out he then decided he wanted to ride like a person. Cutest 4-legged person I've ever seen.

Then my mom started getting nervous and I remembered the story Emily K. told me (a family friend was in a bad car accident and her dog was saved because he was in a harness) so we made do with what we had. Tuck didn't like it - suprise suprise.

It was good to be in Richmond - got some Christmas shopping done. I just had to promise to act suprised Christmas morning. We ate lunch at Phil's and I ordered a limeade- mmmMMMMmmm. That's seriously been the highlight of my time home thus far. Boring life.

Saturday night we headed to downtown Fred to watch a live nativity. It was really sweet - most of the children in our church's congregation were in it and they had real barn animals instead of the toddlers who refuse to wear their costumes and run screaming to mom about halfway through. It was outside in the marketsquare behind the church and there was a pretty good turnout. I forgot to bring the camera but it began snowing as soon as they started. It was perfect.

Kristen and I barely made it home in my little Jetta - it is not built for snow. We all went to bed early and woke up to over a foot of snow. Pretty? Yes. Practical for Virginia? Absolutely not. The whole town shut down and we were forced to slave away shoveling snow off of the deck. Awesome. Just the way I envisioned spending my Christmas vacation. Tucker wasn't sure what to make of it at first.

But soon discovered snow was frozen water so he LOVED it. He's hilarious. The pooy boy is practically drowning in the snow but runs full speed ahead and loves to dig his nose way down in it and flip up all the flakes onto his back. His nose has been permenantly white ever since. He also managed to fall down the stairs of the deck while helping. Watching him try to scramble back up to us was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

It blizzarded (?) up until yesterday morning. I think we had close to two feet total - broke a lot of records around here. It kept the pups busy and gave me cabin fever. I was finally able to get out yesterday afternoon to go to work... but had to get a ride from my parents. It's like I'm 10 again. But if all goes as planned, the snow should stay through Christmas and there's some speculation of another storm coming Christmas Eve. I don't think I've ever had a white Christmas so that would be perfect for Tucker's first. (I act like he's my child waaay too much.)

I've also got a jump start on our doggie things with this little number. Tuck and Sul have a basket in Blacksburg where we keep their toys. Sully's still a little uneasy about it while Tucker will dig all the way to the bottom looking for that one teeny bone he wants. I think it's the cutest thing. So I decided to make my own version and got this. I'm pretty proud since I'm not creative. At all. Thus far, he and Kel both like it. I just hope the bow stays on then front...

Anyway, all is well here and I'm just enjoying my family, dogs, and the snow (when I don't have to shovel it). Hopefully I'll be able to drive sometime tomorrow or Wednesday to get out and see friends. Maybe then I'll have some more exciting things to blog about. But until then - Merry Christmas.

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  1. Oh my gosh, way too cute!
    Something about a dog's head happily out the car window always makes me smile!

    Merry Christmas!