Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Time No Talk!

Sorry for the delay.... I've been busy with life (not.) and haven't gotten a chance to write so I'll try to recap everything that's been going on!

Christmas was really, really great. It was nice to just have a relaxing day with the family. Christmas Eve is my favorite -- our family goes to my dad's parents in Goochland (haha). The food was good and family was great. We got back just in time for church service and had our annual Christmas movie watching party until we all fell asleep.... around 9:45. Christmas day was very nice. Our grandparents come to our house for a really big lunch and we all just relax in pj's all day. Tuck loooooved it. Mainly because there was tons of wrapping paper to chew up and new people that would pet him. We forgot to take pictures of us! Just of Tucker, but that's ok. All in all, it was perfect.

Kellie got a new bed, so naturally Tuck has assumed that it is also his.

New Year's Eve was ok - what was supposed to be a quiet night with some good friends turned into a huge drama, puke fest with people we barely knew. I didn't stay and it was SO nice to sleep in my own bed :)

A few days after New Years I drove down to Richmond to get my hair cut, see my grandmother... and Emily K. and Sul of course! It was the CUUUUUUTEST thing when the two saw each other. I thought Tucker was going to jump through the glass to get to Sully. I couldn't open the door fast enough. The two romped around in Pete's (my grandmother. Long story) back yard and sniffed the neighbor's dog, Nicholas, through the fence. It was a short visit, but SOOO good to see the two of them and catch up a little.

A little neighbor, yippy white dog wanted in on the action. Hopefully you can spot the little fluff through the pickets.

The rest of break flewwwww by. I worked a little, played with friends a little, and slept. A lot. I got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while and was able to spend a lot of time with Tucker. Which was wonderful :) Break was great and it's good to be back. I had to be back last week to prepare for sorority recruitment. My days are currently filled with sorority sisters, PNM's i have never met before, hot rooms, and hoarse voices. It'll all be worth it soon. Until bid day on Sunday, I can't talk to anyone who may potentially being going through rush, any Rho Gammas (the sorority girls who have to disaffiliate from their chapters to help girls going through recruitment), go out any night, or be seen in any alcohol serving establishment after 9.... including Moes. It's been rough but I only have 4 more days left and I really hope they'll FLYYYY by especially since I haven't had Tucker. Since I've been so busy every single day and barely have been home I decided it wasn't fair to leave Tuck at home in his crate all day. So he's been at "doggie spa", as my mom puts it, romping with Kellie and eating tons and tons of treats. He was only going to stay for a week but my mom has extended it to two because she loves him more than me. I won't be surprised at all if she asks to keep him longer. Seriously, she loves him way more than she loves me.

He's been enjoying life and been hanging out his boxers the whole time.

That's basically been my life these days. Sorority sisters, food, and missing my dog. Emily K. and Sully came to visit last night and are staying through Thursday - I could not be happier! It should be a pretty relaxing week since it's the first week of school and there's no real work yet. Today we had a spur of the moment decision to road trip to Roanoke to go to Bubblecake. MMMMMMMM best decision I've made in a while. I'm going to see if I can talk her into going again later this week... :)

(real Bubblecake cupcakes. delicious, right?!)

Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying the weather! The past two days have been in the 50s and gorgeous. Only a few more weeks until warm weather is here to stay....

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