Friday, January 15, 2010

Reunion #1

Reunion #1 has already taken place...pictures to come. (ahemmmm Emily S).

Let's just say it was interesting. For some reason Sully felt it was necessary to show Tucker that even though he is no longer bigger, he's still in charge. To put it nicely. Luckily, Tucker is just as laid back and easy going as he was when we left him.

Reunion #2 is set to take place on Monday. Yay! Sully and I are both looking forward to it, even though Tucker won't be able to make it. We're getting our much needed Blacksburg fix!

I have also, thankfully, been asked to babysit on a consistent basis. I have two wonderful families who have been keeping me busy! (and putting a little $$$ in my pocket!)

These two things have made living at home a little easier.

Major downer--my phone decided to die last night. Not the battery. The phone. So after spending an hour on the phone with Verizon, they decided I needed a new phone (surprise!). Ugh this phone is awful.
But in order to get a different one, I would have to pay full price for that phone...not worth it. So I'm sticking it out, and praying that the newer software on this phone will make it work better than my last one.
Oh, did I mention I lost ALL of my contacts. Oh happy day.
And the verizon guys response to that...'Ooooo, that is notttt good. That's actually really really bad.' Wow, how observant.

grrrrr...I hate you right now!!!

More on the job front:
My most recent idea for a profession is event planning. How much fun would that be??? So I started researching event planners in my area, and in NYC. (next I need to check DC)
I contacted a woman in Richmond at this wonderful event planning company, who has been very helpful! She has actually agreed to let me shadow her during events. I don't have any details on this yet, but it is an unpaid position, but would be a great way for me to gain experience. I'll keep you updated.

Also, a HUGE update! One of my best friends, Trisha, got engaged!!!! Collin proposed the night before New Years, and they're getting married July 24, 2010. Let the planning begin!
I can't wait!

Collin and Hugh and I went to check out some reception venues this week. I had no earthly idea how expensive it is just to rent a building. Geeeees!

We saw some strange ones.

Some gorgeous ones.

And some in between.

But I think that they have settled on one that they love...

Don't you just love weddings?

Happy weekend Blogworld!!!!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, I miss all that wedding excitement. I'm working on the hubs to have a vow renewal! ah ha ha